Echidna fever

Mookie wrote a big report on echidnas and made this great diorama.


Ecihnas are monotremes, like platypuses–in fact, the only monotremes besides platypuses–which means that they lay eggs but are mammals in other respects. We have learned a lot about echidnas in the past few weeks, and I think the only reason we aren’t being begged for a pet echidna is that they live only in Australia and New Guinea and would be homesick.

Detail, so you can see the ants properly:


Echidnas love ants. I love the log. And the use of sushi grass, and the drawing of the echidna.

What animal are you?

The kids on the movie screen were being asked: “What animals are your family members like?” I asked Mookie what animal I was and she instantly answered, “You’re a giraffe.”

“Really? Why?”

“I’ve always thought of you as a giraffe,” she said. I have to say this was a surprise. I do not think of myself as remotely giraffelike.

“But in what way am I like a giraffe?”

She said, “Tall, thin…


I like the pause and the addition of -ish. I’m also not tall except in comparison to Mookie and Joy, but that’s enough to establish me as “the tall one.”

“You’re smart. You have freckles.
You had chicken pox twice.”

(This is true, and has clearly made quite an impression on Mookie.)

“Which makes you kind of have spots. And you’re almost a vegetarian.”

I’m moved to realize that since she was two, my daughter has thought of me as a mother giraffe. It’s sweet.

The tiger and the penguin

Mookie made this in “Rainbow Chasers,” the after-Sunday-school time at church where she often spends two or three hours due to my having classes. I love all the different shapes and the way the sentences tend to end in the middle of a line, creating a nice rhythm. And it’s such a sweet, loving story, with a “happily ever after” that is not about a wedding. The child has a way with words, and with art too. I don’t know where she got this idea.

A transcript follows for the sake of readers with small screens.





Once upon a time…
A tiger loved a penguin. The problem was,
the penguin was afraid of the
tiger because she thought that he would
eat her. One day, the penguin was
sitting on a bench and reading a book when
suddenly, the wind picked the book right up and carried it
into a tree! The penguin had only flippers and wings so she couldn’t
get her book out of the tree!
Luckily, the tiger had seen the penguin’s dilemma and, being a tiger, he
was excellent at climbing trees! Before the penguin could so much as
blink, the tiger was climbing the tree. And
before she could blink again, he had the book in
his paws and was offering it to her. Just then, that very day, the penguin realized
that the tiger wasn’t really that scary after all, and that
he just wanted to be friends.
And from that day on, the tiger and
the penguin were best friends and lived happily ever after.


Mookie at nine minutes:


Mookie at nine days:


Guidemother Darcey’s son Nick takes responsibility for introducing the newcomer to books


Sleeping with a blissful Mami

Mookie at nine weeks:


Already laughing

Mookie at nine months:

Mookie at nine years:


A birthday present she can open again and again

Happy birthday, big girl! We love you more than words can say.