Ivy and Bean, Mookie version

Mookie loves the Ivy and Bean books, and she loves to make up stories. The other day she combined these passions by opening Ivy and Bean and the Ghost that Had to Go and telling the story in her own way, as she often does with her books. Her version featured Fred and George (Weasley, I presume) as well as the two friends. I was lying nearby doing a puzzle and pretending not to be listening, which occasionally became very challenging, as it was hard not to laugh aloud. I wrote down some of my favorite sentences.

“Finally, she just packed up her mind while Fred got out a pineapple. And a napkin. And a placemat.”

* * *

(A character is speaking:) “I’m lazy. I’m just so lazy and energetic and big and beautiful!”

* * *

“‘What?’ he said.

“‘Nothing,’ she said, pretending to chew.”


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