More Laura

Mookie asked if we could read “more Laura books,” meaning Laura Ingalls Wilder. As it happens, I’ve been saving those for our upcoming road trip, when we’ll need good audiobooks that everyone can enjoy. She was happy to hear that. The next one up is The Long Winter, which is one of my favorites.

Is there a sweeter sensation than your child discovering and loving the books you love?


One thought on “More Laura

  1. The Long Winter was my all-time favorite. I’ll be curious to hear how it plays in a climate without snow or ice or true cold. (Growing up in Connecticut, I could imagine it.) She loved it. On the other hand, she hasn’t been begging to hear the next one–but that might well be because on the same road trip, we listened to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, so she wants to hear the next in that series. As many times as I’ve read The Long Winter, it really hit me this time how close the whole town came to literally starving to death. I wonder how other towns fared in that winter. –MM

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