Totem poles

Mookie loves totem poles. We had no idea of this, and maybe she herself had no idea of this, until we arrived in the Olympic Peninsula and she started seeing them everywhere. “Totem poles!” she shouted, and has greeted all subsequent totem poles with the same enthusiasm. She told us the story of how Raven brought people the sun, preserving great details such as how he turned himself into a pine needle and floated down from the ceiling.



Today we went to Granville Island, where among other artists are people carving totem poles. Mookie watched them for a long time.

Granville Island also has the spectacular Public Market, where after lunch, Mookie got a chocolate cupcake that was about 50% frosting. But the cake, captivating as it was, didn’t command as much fascination as the carving and sanding of that totem pole.



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