Zombie expert

Today Mookie told me she and a couple of friends were talking about zombies and ghosts. I asked her about zombies. She explained, “They have dirty shoes! And green faces, and hair all over their bodies! Yuck!”

However, she also assured me “We have hundreds of plans” for killing them. So don’t be too scared by the dirty shoes.

I told her this was all very useful information because I’m going to give a sermon on how to prevent the zombie apocalypse (no lie, though she would be disappointed to hear that I am thinking more metaphorically). She thought that was hilarious, and tried to get me to take books about zombies out of the library. Secretly, I’m planning to do just that, but I flatly refused to get any with her. I don’t usually pull age rank about stuff like this  (which of us was more scared by Coraline? the 40-something-year-old), but I had to inform her that there are no zombie books in the library that are appropriate for five-year-olds.
I also refuse to create a “zombies” category for this entry.


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