Jorge el Pez Dorado


First-day-of-school silliness


Mookie will get a library book from school each Friday. Tonight Joy is reading her her first one, which is in English and Spanish and is about a goldfish named George, and how he dies and is buried in the yard, where he helps the flowers grow.

That’s right. My kid is learning about reading, Spanish, and death, all at the same time. Reason #27 to be happy about her school, which I am way overdue to write about given that the momentous first day of kindergarten was three weeks ago.

Her response to Joy’s boo-hooing (because of course “Harry”–the little boy with the goldfish–“esta triste”) is “That’s okay–he can get another one.” Now I have to look up “callous” in my Spanish-English dictionary. OK, found it. ¡Que insensible!

“It gets worse” update from J.:
the kids’ weekend homework is to read the book, write a sentence or phrase from/about it, and draw a picture. “Guess what she wants to draw. The box the kid buries him in.”

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