Modern inconveniences

I’m collecting technological advances that are rendered counterproductive by their interactions with children.

Automated phone systems. Have you ever gotten through an entire menu of “press or say 3 now”-type commands without someone in the room speaking so loudly that they set off the wrong option and send you down a voice-activated road from which there is no returning, except by starting the call again? Yes, you have? Then you don’t have young children, and neither does the person who created these things. In addition to the language option, they need to offer a no-sound-input option.

Electric eye-equipped toilets. I know, they’re supposed to keep public bathrooms clean, because some people are gross and won’t flush if it’s left up to them. The problem is, the flushes go off while the small child is still on the toilet, scaring her. They also seem to come only in louder and loudest, so that a device that didn’t frighten her at all in her own home has now become a terror on a par with a rampaging lion. Thanks to this helpful innovation, my kid has to be coaxed even to remain in the same room as a toilet that’s being flushed. In short, she is well on her way to being one of the flush-averse people the invention was created to thwart. Well done!

Other nominations?


2 thoughts on “Modern inconveniences

  1. On the voice-activated phone systems: a foreign accent is almost as good as a 3-year old. YElectric toilets: I once travelled with someone to Japan who accidentally hit the “wash” button.Try that for unexpected surprises! LOL! Well, at least if it doesn’t like your accent, you can use the buttons. I read the toilet incident to Mookie and she was very amused.–MM

  2. Oh, the loud auto-flush. S finally got over the disabling fear, but I still get occasional reviews of public facility’s volume levels.

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