And then there are times…

…when one reads what one posted earlier in the day to recall how one’s child really can be cute and sweet, and how one really does not want to put her out on the curb with the recycling.

She’s calming down faster than she’s been able to in the past, and is currently trying to keep a calm tone and convince Joy that she should be allowed to resume her evening instead of being in bed without story time. It’s not going to work, but at least she’ll be able to snuggle and be with Mommy if she gets control of herself.

Of times like this Mookie says, “It’s not me–” or, “I don’t want to–” and then, “My body makes me.” I know the feeling. I tell her that that’s what growing up is about, getting so you can decide what you’ll do. I haven’t told her how hard it still is, even as a grownup, but I’m sure she’s noticed that my better nature isn’t always in the driver’s seat either.

ETA that she got quite calm by the time I finished typing the above, asked to have story time and was told no, but she could read to herself; asked to do her getting-ready-for-bed things and did them in about two minutes; and picked out a book, which she is now reading happily to herself and occasionally pointing things out to Joy. I went in for our hug and kiss goodnight and told her how terrific I think she is. It was just amazing to hear her go from miserably raging to calm and happy in about ten minutes.


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