I am taking a break from cleaning my home office to type up a conversation I found written on a piece of paper there. I don’t know when this took place. I’m thinking last winter or spring, but I didn’t record the date.

Mookie: Mama, you know how I try to fly like a bird–like a tooth fairy?

Me: Oh yes?

Mookie: You know how?

Me: No, how?

Mookie: I jump up really high and flap my wings.

Me: And did you take off?

Mookie: No.  I need to practice more, I think. (pause) I wish I were a bird.

– – –

We went to Bass Lake this past weekend for our church’s family camp, and Mookie was very interested in hearing about people’s dreams. She walked up to one after another and said, “Tell me your dream!” Many did.

The next morning, as we were snuggled in our sleeping bag, she said,

Mookie: Every dreamer needs a dream.

Me (falling back on what I often use when I’m scared of breaking the spell, the Neutral Repetition): Every dreamer needs a dream…

Mookie: And I’m a dreamer.

I told her what I could remember of my dreams from that night.

A few minutes later, and unrelated to anything I’d said, she started asking about Hogwarts, wistfully wondering if it were real.

Mookie: I want to go see it.

Me: We might not be able to. If Muggles go near it, it doesn’t look like a castle to them. It just looks like old ruins with a sign saying “Danger, keep out.”

Mookie: Let’s go look for ruins.

THAT’S OUR GIRL! I decided it’s not quite time to tell her about the Disneyworld or Universal Studios versions, though you can bet we’re going to splurge and go there when she’s older.


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