No surprises

When she came to kiss and hug me goodnight, Mookie wanted me to know that I would find the water cup full “when you go in to go potty and brush your teeth” (actually, “teef,” as “f” for “th” is her one remaining, charming lisp), and that it’s like that because she filled it. She didn’t want me to be surprised. What I want to know is, should we expect this kind of service every night?

We made monkey bread tonight, at M’s request. She wasn’t interested in measuring the ingredients or watching them go around in the mixer, but she watched the yeast bubble and then, her favorite part, rolled the dough into balls and dipped them in butter. We usually make it with fresh dill, but didn’t have any on hand, so M sniffed at a few herbs and opted for thyme. The little breads were done baking in time for a pre-bedtime snack. Yum.

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