Music: Hard, soft, crash

We were listening to the Beatles in the car (Beatles for Sale) and Mookie started describing each song as “soft,” “hard,” or “crash.”

“Rock and Roll Music”: hard

“Eight Days a Week,” “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party”: soft

“Kansas City”: crash. Also, when this song came on, she asked whether we were still listening to the Beatles. I wonder what about it sounded so different.

Getting her to listen to music at all has been a bit of a struggle. She prefers listening to books. However, we don’t have an audiobook at the moment (having finished Beverly Cleary’s Runaway Ralph earlier this week). I like having something to listen to as I drive, and I was feeling neglectful of her cultural education, so I insisted on music and let her pick. I would have settled for kids’ music, but I didn’t tell her that, and wasn’t surprised that she picked the Beatles, since it seems to be the only grownup group she knows by name. When that album was over it wasn’t too strenuous a push to get her to decide on another one, and we went on to Talking Heads. Ratings:

“And She Was”: soft

“Give Me Back My Name”: hard. Also, “scary.” The opening bars are a little scary.

“Perfect World”: soft. No, hard. No, soft. Both!


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