Mookie: Mama, the clock is wrong. It says eight five.
Mama: What time is it really?
Mookie: [looks at her own “clock,” round mini set of paints, says nothing]
Mama: Eight five sounds about right.
Mookie: But eight o’clock is a night time. It’s morning.
Mama: There are two eight o’clocks, one in the morning and one at night. It’s about eight in the morning.
Mookie: [rolls her eyes at Mama’s ignorance or time’s irrationality, I’m not sure which, and leaves the room]


Mookie: Santa delivers all the presents in one night.
Mama:  How do you think he does that?!
Mookie: I do not know.

Later, opening presents, two moments to warm her parents’ hearts:

Mookie, holding half-unwrapped gift to her cheek to feel how soft: Pajamas, pajamas!

Mookie: It’s a book, it’s a book, it’s a book!


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