Today’s list

Mookie and I have an extra day off together, since Lunar (Chinese) New Year is a San Francisco school holiday. At our suggestion, she made a list of the things we’re going to do.


Reading right to left and top to bottom (in homage to traditional Chinese?) they are:

Watch a movie

Practice the apple tree song (from singing class)

Eat lunch–that’s a sandwich in the drawing, though in the event she had her bizarre version of a quesadilla: tortilla warmed, cheese grated on top and not melted, whole thing rolled up. Mookie may be the only child in the country who doesn’t like melted cheese. We tried to make inroads by making fondue a few weeks ago. She adored the fondue but still won’t eat a quesadilla or grilled cheese sandwich, and she doesn’t like pizza much.

Make challah dough. We are wearing very tall chef’s hats.

Go to singing class. I hope she doesn’t mind when she discovers we’re going to go on bus and BART, not by car.

Do homework

Have a pillow fight. This is my favorite illustration.

Braid challah.

I said, “Something I need to do today is exercise,” so she added:

Do pushups.

Doesn’t that make the day look even more fun?

Two other things on my own list are “make guacamole” and “draw,” but fortunately she isn’t going strictly by the Toad school of list-making, in which one cannot do anything that isn’t on the list.

The child let me sleep until 9:30, bless her, and in the meantime she made this picture. As most of her pictures are nowadays, it’s of our family–this time “under a blazing hot orange sun,” direct quote. I like the way I always look so tall in her family portraits.



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