NYC, day one

We’re in New York for a week. Yesterday we joined the march for marriage equality that’s happening across the country as the Supreme Court takes up DOMA and Proposition 8. Mookie did not think much of that plan, but once we got there she acquired a flag and a friend, and the short walk ended at Washington Square Park, which has a playground. That was enough to make her happy.

The day turned out to be a nostalgia tour, as we walked right past the place Joy and I first met face to face–the Starbucks in Cooper Union–how romantic! Mookie surprised me by finding this fact interesting, wanting to see inside, and asking if we could have dessert there. Of course, any opportunity for hot chocolate. We said yes, but then she didn’t eat any lunch, so that put the kibosh on dessert.

Whenever we go shoe shopping I forget that Mookie doesn’t know how to tie shoes yet. So when we went in search of new sneakers for her yesterday, I thoughtlessly took down a pair of lace-up sneakers, with which she fell in love instantly because they light up and spin. Sneakers are so much more interesting than when we were kids. So the deal now is, she can wear them when she’s mastered shoe-tying. Do you suppose that will be motivating?


4 thoughts on “NYC, day one

  1. I predict that cool tie shoes will be motivating, but that it will take a lot longer to get out the door for a while!

    • Maddy, your predictions were correct on both points! Practice has sped things up though. Today she tried again to get Joy to tie them, and about 30 seconds after Joy said no, we heard a triumphant “I did it!” YES!

  2. P.S. once she has the basics, maybe we can have a skype date and teach her the “double double” tie that a shoe clerk taught S., which is pretty sturdy but unties more easily than a true double knot.

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