More about la gata y sus pulgas

Anyone considering renting our house, please note: Mookie is greatly exaggerating Luna’s reputation for fleas! She heard us talking about it once upon a time and is now obsessed beyond proportion.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mookie did another big piece of Spanish writing recently that we loved even more than “Mi animal favurito” because it had such a good bit about Luna. I just found it. Guess which line reduces us to giggles. Reproduced here verbatim.

-Yo me comi tres pizzas.

-Yo comi mangos.

-Yo tengo una gata.

-Yo tengo dos madres.

-Yo veo una zapato.

-Yo no tengo hermanos o hermanos. (Presumably one of these was meant to be hermanas.)

-Yo comi chili con tomates y es muy rico.

-Yo comi pan.

-Yo fuí a la escuela. (She remembered the accent on this one!)

-Yo tengo muchos juguetes.

-Yo tengo muchos peluches.

Mi animal favurito es una gata

la gata es muy suave

la gata tiene pulgas

la gata no es un peluche

la gata dice miao la gata tiene cuatro patas.

-Yo tengo muchos zapatos.

-Yo tengo muchos vestidos.

-Yo fuí al parque.

-Yo tengo muchos primos.

-I ate three pizzas.

-I ate mangoes.

-I have a cat.

-I have two mothers.

-I see a shoe.

-I don’t have brothers or sisters.

-I ate chili with tomatoes and it is very delicious.

-I ate bread.

-I went to school.

-I have many toys.

-I have many stuffed animals.

My favorite animal is a cat.

the cat is very soft

the cat has fleas

the cat is not a stuffed animal

the cat says meow the cat has four paws.

-I have many shoes.

-I have many dresses.

-I went to the park.

-I have many cousins.


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