Religious education, 2013-14

This is Mookie’s religious education program for the year: Learn about our congregation and the things we celebrate, learn about feminist god-images, learn about world religions. Plus, she’ll be able to be part of a play called “The Fishermen and the Giant Mutant Two-Headed Fish,” and she’ll spend about an hour and a half each Sunday playing in our playground.

The program’s goals for the kids are (1) We want them to have fun and feel they are part of a community. (2) We want them to gain the basic religious literacy expected in our society. (3) We want them to learn the skills associated with liberal religion, skills such as public speaking, singing, basic leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and so on. (4) Finally, we want to prepare them to become Unitarian Universalist adults, should they choose to become Unitarian Universalists when they are old enough to make their own decision.

3553As a preacher’s kid (PK), she has some challenges. She isn’t in the habit of coming to the first 15 minutes of the service, the way her friends do, because sitting in the congregation while I stand up and talk to everyone (but pay no particular attention to her) has caused her angst. She prefers to go straight to the child care when she and I arrive around 9 a.m., and she loves the women who play with her there, which means that it has taken some coaxing to get her to make the transition to Sunday School class when the other kids are leaving the service and heading for classrooms around 9:45. But the last two weeks she has happily gone off to class, even reminding the child-care staff that she needs to go join the group. I am very happy that this Sunday School is a part of her education, and I can’t wait until she starts coming home and lecturing us about feminist images of the divine.


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