Cursive love note

My mom gave Mookie an alphabet border such as you’d see up in a classroom, with all the letters in cursive to show kids how to write each one. When it first went up, she got very excited about cursive, copied them all, wrote a bunch of stuff in cursive; that was months ago and we haven’t seen much about it since. But this morning, the note on the left was slid under my door.


Mama! I love you! Momyy!

About a minute later, she slid me the note on the right. The matter was too urgent for bothering with those joined-up letters, I guess.


One thought on “Cursive love note

  1. Actually, Grandpa Stu came up with those letters. His gifts are always better than mine!!!

    Venice is lovely at 9:45 a.m.! Tomorrow we board the cruise ship for our 12 day journey around the Mediterranean.

    Love you all, Mom

    Courtesy of Susan’s iPad

    Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly


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