Two readers

I did not take a picture (secret to a happy marriage: don’t post photos of your spouse’s morning hair to the internet) but here’s what I saw when I went into Mookie’s room this morning: Mookie, lying down and silently reading Searching for Dragons, a YA chapter book by Patricia Wrede; Mookie’s Mommy, sitting up and silently reading Ten Minutes Til Bedtime, a picture book by Peggy Rathmann.


3 thoughts on “Two readers

  1. Lovely! Hard to imagine reading that silently, though. I liked saying “10… Minutes… till Bedtime!”

    I might need to resurect that book!

    I believe she was examining the pictures for new details. She emerged saying, “Every time I read that book I notice something new.” The mark of great literature! This time she noticed that hamsters 3 & 4 have matching red hats. –MM

  2. You and Joy AND Mookie are so exceptional – beyond words.
    PS: Please email me some of Mookie’s exceptional digital photography.

  3. “Every time I read that book I notice something new.”

    Is it too soon to hope that she will someday join the ranks of great readers? Great readers, as opposed to great writers, are folks who believe in spending our one small life diving repeatedly into great writing, letting our souls dance and sing and weep and wail as words burrow into our beings with living water. These are the folks who revive historical scientific writings for new generations, who buy the books whose writers form a running list of understood candidates for the Nobel Prize. Not too long ago there was an article about “great readers,” which reassured me that these hours of reading while my fiancee rests do indeed constitute an active cultural contribution.

    Of course they do!

    My pronouns were unclear (just read a mystery that turned on that phenomenon): it was Joy making that observation. I haven’t read the Great Reader article, but I think Joy is one. Only time will tell re: Mookie, but she already loves books passionately. –MM

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