More on reading

From Mookie today, just before reading to me from Searching for Dragons:

“When I read fantasy I just forget where I am and melt into the book itself.”

And this chant:

“I love to read, I love to read, I love to read read read read read,
I love to read, I love to read, I love to read and read and read!”

We have ignored the reading log forms from school for months (and Ms. A. says don’t bother–she knows Mookie is reading at home), but one was stapled in with the rest of the vacation homework packet for this spring break, so Mookie conscientiously filled it in today. I told her that as she had been reading Speaking of Dragons all week, she only needed to list that one book, but she thought she should read some more, so she hauled a pile of Beginner Books into our room and asked what I wanted to hear. I opted for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, which never gets old–clearly not for her either. She really wanted to read them all aloud, so although I went off to make us a snack, I heard Wings on Things, Inside, Outside, Upside Down, and Ten Apples Up on Top from the other room while I was cutting up a mango.

In the process of filling in the log, she got a lesson from Joy on how to convert minutes to hours, and proudly declared that she has read for five hours and 21 minutes this week. Sounds about right, especially since she let us sleep until 9:30 this morning, and must have been up for at least a couple of hours on her own.

Mookie loves to read. Lucky girl.


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