UU day camp, revisited

Earlier this year I posted my wish that there were a UU day camp nearby. Well, it’s not quite the right location for our family for this year, but it’s progress: there is a UU Peace Camp at First Unitarian Church of San Jose! My Palo Alto colleague Dan Harper is on staff, as is one of the dads in our religious education program, a special ed teacher by profession. It looks good.

Next stop, General Assembly. Since the General Assembly only has programming for children who’ve completed grades 4-8 (and only 35 of them), I can’t fulfill Mookie’s request that I bring her along to GA. Well, I could, but she’d be very bored in “child care” with the kids age 0-9. It was fine when she was an infant and toddler, but why would I pay $700 for her to fly to Providence and back and spend the week being babysat in a hotel room? She can stay home and go to dance camp for much less money. I’d rather she connected with other UU kids, but clearly, that possibility is not on the horizon for another three years. Good thing my wife doesn’t want to go to GA.

I suggest that congregations in the Portland, OR, and Columbus, OH, areas think seriously about offering a day camp during the General Assemblies coming up in their cities. I would seriously consider bringing Mookie all that way, carbon footprint and all, if it meant we’d have evenings together and excellent UU programming for her during the day.


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