Wonderful day

Mookie had such a great day with her friend K and K’s family, which includes two younger sisters. She’s written three pages about it already in her diary, and plans to continue tomorrow because “I had so many adventures” that she can’t record them all before bedtime. The diary is private, of course, but she’s told us lots about the events of the day. Her eyes were shining when she reported that the littlest sister “kept wanting to hold my hand.” Mookie obliged. Sometimes it’s fun to be the big kid.

They went to Pacifica, where they hiked; collected shells and acorn hats; lost and found the dog; got clay from the soil all over their hands; ate carrots, which Mookie, to her delight, had to have fed to her like a baby because of her dirty hands; went to an outdoor restaurant; played at being Flower Fairies, each with a Flower Power and a usually-appropriate name (Rose, Oopsy-Daisy, Flutter-Shine, Chella–Mookie drew portraits of them); and teased the ocean, which eventually got back at them with a soaking big wave. And Mookie watched the waves for a long, long time.

Photo by MG

Photo by MG


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