Helping Mookie turn this kit into the actual working model feels like a vindication. She gets the credit for that, since she did all the painting, briskly, without undue agonizing over the correct shades. My slightly nagging feeling of incompleteness about models dates back to the one model I recall making, a Visible Woman I badly wanted when I was about her age and had a hankering to be a doctor. My parents gave it to me for Hanukah, and I did put it together, a model of the female body with transparent skin so that you could see all the organs. I painted most of the organs, but the perfectionism that would haunt my years had already set in, and there were a few complex colors I never did mix. This made me dread the solar system project, but Mookie jumped right in, I had no trouble with my assembly responsibilities, and I feel much better now.

It spins when placed in sunlight–we tested it!

Mookie believes it should include Pluto and the moon, but she’s still able to consider it a completed job.


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