Visual interpretation of music

In Oaxaca our only music players are our laptops. So I often pull something up on YouTube just to listen, paying no attention to the video, slide show, or whatever is on top of it. That was the case when I typed “beethoven quartet” into YouTube early this morning and picked the first one that popped up. I noticed it was some kind of animation, which I figured was gimmicky, but I didn’t care. I was making art, I was in a late-Beethoven, chamber-music kind of mood, and I wasn’t even going to look at the screen.

Until I did. And it was riveting. After a few minutes I called to Mookie and gave her one of the earbuds. She was so taken with it that I gave her the other one, too, and went back to my art, in silence, smiling. A few minutes later, this child who says she “isn’t that into music” except perhaps the Beatles said, “Look at this–you have to see how it does slurs.”

The animator is Stephen Malinowski, and he has a YouTube channel with many more animations of music he loves.


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