Delivery cat

Helping the soon-to-be middle school student purge her room in advance of a desk and new bed, we are discovering just how much stuff a fairly non-acquisitive upper-middle-class U.S. American accumulates over 11 years. We’re also encountering treasures like this, a card she colored and wrote to initiate a game; she reckons she was six.



We played Owl Post sometimes, with Indigo, in an owl costume, bearing messages between me and Joy. (“What do you want for dinner? Isn’t this owl cute?” “How about couscous? I’ll cook. Yes, she is.” “Yum. I’ll come up soon and clean the kitchen.” “Great, thanks.” Etc.) I don’t remember any Delivery Cat version; Indigo says she didn’t give us the card. It’s as cute as the costume would have been, though. Grin grin grin.


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