Para V.

I have never had a root canal, so this may change, but right now what I hate most in the world is going through boxes of papers and miscellaneous stuff. However, what I gave Joy for our anniversary was a stack of coupons for me to do household tasks, and two of them were “Go through two boxes in the garage.” She redeemed one this week and I am duly, unhappily plowing through the boxes. Quite a lot of the contents are ancient tax documentation and other easily-tossed items. And then once in a while I find a gem. I can’t remember how old Indigo was when she wrote like this, but I remember the stage well and could decipher this pretty well. Now-thirteen-year-old Indigo enjoyed it too.


We think it says:

Para (for) V. (Indigo says: it must have been for Veronica, classmate, or Veronika, pianist at church, and I thought “too long to write” and just wrote “V.”) How are you doing? Is your family doing all right? Send me a letter. ‚̧ Indigo.

I have no idea why she crossed out the first two attempts at a signature. They look good to me. It is striking that at that age, her “n” looks like an “h” (causing older Indigo to snigger–“shit?”) but she can make a heart perfectly. I love “orat” for “all right.”

I’m sorry, Veronica or Veronika. Apparently, this was meant for you.

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