Delivery cat

Helping the soon-to-be middle school student purge her room in advance of a desk and new bed, we are discovering just how much stuff a fairly non-acquisitive upper-middle-class U.S. American accumulates over 11 years. We’re also encountering treasures like this, a card she colored and wrote to initiate a game; she reckons she was six.



We played Owl Post sometimes, with Indigo, in an owl costume, bearing messages between me and Joy. (“What do you want for dinner? Isn’t this owl cute?” “How about couscous? I’ll cook. Yes, she is.” “Yum. I’ll come up soon and clean the kitchen.” “Great, thanks.” Etc.) I don’t remember any Delivery Cat version; Indigo says she didn’t give us the card. It’s as cute as the costume would have been, though. Grin grin grin.



When I asked Mookie to grab a jacket this morning, she chose the poncho her guidemother Darcey made her. Ever since then, she’s been from Peru. She’s chattering in Spanish, quite fluidly, about how much she likes to climb the mountains of Peru, and chatting in English with her invisible llama, whose name is Aunt Verpa. (“As in vapor.”)

Which Star Wars character would you be?

According to Geekcraft, the creator was "Mayamagination"--I have not been able to confirm with her.

Darth Vader Princess in action. According to Geekcraft, the creator was “mayamagination.”

Earlier this summer, Mookie and I walked by a camp program (not hers) that clearly had a Star Wars theme, as all the kids were in costume. Among the boys, there were a variety of Star Wars characters. Among the girls, there was one: several versions of Princess Leia. It was kind of like an Elvis impersonator contest, with a wide variety of complexions, hair colors and sizes all in flowing white gowns and cinnamon-bun hairdos.

I said, “That’s a lot of Leias!” to the counselor, who gave a wry shrug–“They all want to be the Princess.” Now, Princess Leia is a badass, so, they could do worse for a role model. But as we headed home, I asked Mookie what character she would be if she were in that camp. She considered carefully and said, “First choice, the big hairy thing.” Chewie? I said. Yes. “Second, Darth Vader. Third, Princess Leia.”

Sounds like a plan!



Our Hedwig on a brief break between deliveries. She has been very busy carrying mail back and forth between me and Joy, and occasionally Doggie, hooting gently as she goes up or downstairs. I wonder if we can get her to do it long-term. Owl post sure beats yelling downstairs to say dinner’s ready. On the down side, I might overdose on cuteness soon.

Progress report

The plan to turn Mookie into as passionate a Harry Potter fan as her parents is proceeding nicely. She is going out on Halloween as Hedwig. Yes, of course I will post photos, probably later today, since she promised to model the costume for me after school. Joy saw it last night and says it is just about the cutest thing ever.

I like that party hat!


Mookie wanted to act out the classic scenes from Go, Dog. Go! in which one dog asks another if he likes her hat and he says no. (I’m assuming traditional gender roles, here, but maybe I underestimate P. D. Eastman.) M. wanted to put on a fancy hat for the final scene, where (spoiler alert) he finally does like it. The above is the result. She put on a scarf, then a hat, then this blanket, making a kind of hat-trick hat.