Welcome to our new location

Hello, Mookie fans,

I’ve moved over here because the Livejournal format was really cumbersome for loading photos, which are the high point (some would say the point) of this blog. Also, it’s easy for you to sign up to get a notice whenever there’s a new post about Mookie–click on the “Follow” button at right.

So, I’ll jump right in with some updates. Last Saturday we went to the zoo before opening time for a special breakfast with the lemur keeper and an early-morning visit to the lemurs. Mookie won a red-ruffed lemur in the raffle! Stuffed animals have gotten so much more interesting since Mookie’s Mommy and I were kids. I seem to remember the choices being pretty much bears, rabbits, dogs, cats. The occasional mouse or snake. Now we have, not a snake, but a coral snake. Not a monkey, but a spider monkey. Not a lemur (a creature I hadn’t even heard of when I was her age), but a red ruffed lemur. Another child won a ring-tailed lemur. The distinction is important.

We renewed our membership, even though it seems sometimes as if we are paying $95/year for a playground membership. The playground is Mookie’s favorite part of the zoo. Second favorite is this tiger.

She would rather visit it than the real tigers. But once dragged to the animals, she does enjoy them enough that we decided to stick with membership.