Who’s Mookie?

Indigo is a sweet, smart, happy, feisty, creative, wildly loved child who lives in San Francisco with her Mama (that’s me), her Mommy (my wife), and, as of this writing, one cat.

This blog was begun in 2007 as a combination baby book / round robin letter, to record the interesting occurrences in our daughter’s growing up and to keep far-away friends and family informed of what’s up with her. Mookie was her nickname while in the womb, and I used it for this blog as a matter of safety, when she was not yet old enough to negotiate the internet. Now that she’s older, she has revealed her own name on a guest post, and I use it here too, but she has kindly allowed me to preserve the blog’s name.

I hope to gradually move the entries from the original LiveJournal blog over to this WordPress location. In the meantime, if you’re hungry for archives, they’re here.

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